Dawn® 16″ Shower Arm and Flange

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    1 lbs
  • Dimensions :
    16 × 0.78 × 3.11 in

Dawn® shower products are made of solid brass and plated with chrome or brushed nickel to provide reliability and durability. They come in classic and modern styles with various functions to suit and enhance the visual landscape of a home. The showers are equipped with different spray settings and easy-to-clean spray nozzles to create extraordinary showering experience. Designed to prevent wear and tear, they are easy and durable for everyday use and nearly maintenance free.

• Brand: Dawn®
• Solid Brass Construction
• Chrome and Brushed Nickel Finishes
• 1/2″ NPT Thread
• Durable and Easy to Maintain
• One-Year Limited Warranty
• Also Comes in Square (SRT130100)
• Wall Mount

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