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Fourteen inch flow ridge notch trowel. Ergonomic rubber handle. Collapsible ridge provides a maximum coverage of adhesive.
When placing tile on adhesive spread with a slanted ridge the ridge overlap and collapse to provide superior adhesive coverage on the back of the tile rather than a standard notch trowel.


Trowel: 14" x 5" (36x13cm); 12oz. (340 grams)
Notch: ⅜" (10mm)
The rounded shape of the notches reduce the chance of the adhesive binding and ripping away the ridges while using the trowel.
The adhesive does not bind in the rounded corners of this notch leaving the adhesive ridges intact.


Stamped in 22 gauge tempered steel with anti-corrosion treatment.
Handles are made of polished aluminum electro-welded to the blade with rubber hand-grips fastened by a non-slip screw.