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Hydraulic operated mobile lifter for efficient and productive tile installation.
Helping with tile that can't be handled manually, up to 220 lbs. (200 kg.) slabs.
Collects, transports, lifts and installs any size large format tiles on walls or floors. Transversal or Longitudinal installation.
The frame is able to rotate horizontally with large format tile to maneuver through doorways and smaller places.
A total of six (6) suction cups are located on the arm for tile collection which are spring mounted to simplify the task.
Control unit drives the arm up and down as well as tilts the frame, the unit is removable for better operation of the machine by standing directly next to the slab and carefully monitor the slab.


Proportional hydraulic valves for smooth and accurate movement.
Automated trolley developed for picking up and lifting up to 220 lbs. (maximum) weight.
Up to 13ft. installation height.
Frame attachment can slide 4-inches sideways on ball bearing for accurate position of slab before installing onto thinset.
Full rear wheel steering, while front wheels can be locked or use with hydraulic steering.
Fine-adjustment side shift of suction cup frame with slab for parallel positioning of tile while maneuvering through work site.

Automated movement with hydraulic cylinder operated by the remote console for extension of the arm to pick-up slab; tilting movement of the suction cup frame to place slab into position and facilitate application of adhesive (back-buttering).