Ebbe Adapter E4400 Square Riser

Ebbe Adapter E4400 Square Riser

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Ebbe America Adapter E4400 Square Riser

  • Undercut Grout Locking Features
  • Frameless finished appearance
  • Hair Trap and Conctruction Plug Included
  • Weight .25 lbs
  • Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2.5 in

The E4400 Riser serves as the central hub for all of our grates. Check out all the loaded features that make this a hot item:

  • It’s square shape means only easy straight cuts are needed, no difficult circle cuts
  • Built with a frameless appearance making it seamlessly blend in with surrounding tile, avoiding ugly screws
  • Smooth interior surfaces and our popular hair trap are easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Fits ALL Ebbe Pro and Ebbe Unique grates

Directly threads into the following drain bodies:

  • Sioux Chief
  • Plastic Oddities
  • IPS
  • Jones Stephens
  • Frank Pattern
  • Thunderbird
  • Oatey
  • Pasco Specialty
  • ProFlow
  • And others
  • (See Adapters for a list of more drain body adaptable options)