Wet Saw Blade, 8" Diameter DB10PCGP

Wet Saw Blade, 8" Diameter DB10PCGP

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Wet Saw Blade

Pro-Core Gres with Premium Diamond Technology with core. Cuts all kind of porcelain stoneware, ceramics, marble, granite and more. Can be used on the Raimondi machines offered through Donnelly Distribution.

8" (20cm) diameter
Arbor of ⅝" (1.58cm)

  • The G slot cutting rim kerf 0.06
  • Maximum rpm of 7,400.
  • 10mm rim height for longevity with new diamond rim technology provide consistently smooth and clean cut.
  • The core prevents any wobble or blade defection for intensive cuts.
  • Noise reducing technology found in the body and core.
ATTENTION! Pro-Core Gres diamond blade is designed for straight cuts only.
Clean out and tip-up cuts are not recommended with Cores.